Culture drives everything that does or doesn't happen in an organization, but only 5% of companies intentionally manage the alignment of culture and strategy.


Business model innovation is no longer about gaining a competitive edge. It is the price of admission to a fast changing world of business.



Strategy Execution is where results happen. The biggest problem with execution is focus. Leaders are giving their teams too many priorities, and morale declines due to over-commitment.


Who We Are

FACET is a consortium of seasoned business executives working with leaders of commercial, industrial and not-for-profit organizations to develop healthy, results-driven cultures where teams can realize their greatest potential. Our people-focused approach to culture, strategy and execution ensures significant increases in engagement, accountability, execution and morale, while delivering lasting change and measurable results.

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What We Do

Our practice is based on the integration of Culture, Strategy and Execution. You need to choose a strategy that fits your culture, then leverage your cultural strengths to enable and accelerate strategic transformation. With this foundation and proven methods to drive execution, your team starts hitting targets and winning. Their own success fuels the engine.

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Are we a good fit for each other?

Take a look at our short list of questions to get a better idea of who we are and what we’re about, and if we might fit your particular situation.

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What our clients are saying

“Thank you for your help in getting our Strategic Planning activities off to such a good start. This was a critical first step and your approach worked very well, is very eye opening for all and is really an excellent way to start the process. I look forward to doing more.”

Rosemary Gilmartin, Executive Director
Interfaith Food Pantry

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What’s New?

In a recent article in Harvard Business Review titled “5 Ways to Close the Strategy-to-Execution Gap,” the authors identify the following as the five drivers:

  • Commit to an identity
  • Translate the strategic into the everyday
  • Put the culture to work
  • Cut costs to grow stronger
  • Shape the future
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