About Us

  • We have actually sat in the seat.
  • We have nearly 35 years of experience as CEO’s, COO’s or CFO’s.
  • We bring you real-world expertise.
  • We are driven to help organizations leverage their culture to achieve game-changing results.

Our consulting experience spans different sized companies: from start ups to small and mid-sized businesses on up to larger companies with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. We have worked in many industries and have experience with companies in the service sector, global manufacturing and distribution, commercial, industrial as well as with not-for-profit organizations.

We have worked with great companies such as Johnson & Johnson and PepsiCo, as well as privately-held global businesses, niche industrial leaders and family businesses.

  • We are passionate about lifelong learning.
  • We customize our client engagements: no cookie cutter approaches with our work.
  • We incorporate cutting-edge methods, concepts and practices into each engagement.
  • We continuously innovate our offering with the latest research and practices in the fields of leadership, strategy, culture, execution and organizational health to make each engagement as successful as possible.

About our name…

FACET was born of a metaphor: an organization as a gemstone. The people, culture and processes are the many facets, which must be properly aligned and prepared, so that the organization can bring forth its most brilliant result.