We have in-depth industry experience in:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Point-of-purchase marketing and display
  • Information technology
  • Consumer products
  • Medical equipment manufacturing
  • Electrical product manufacturing and distribution
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
Our client base is made up of primarily privately-held businesses, although we are happy to be engaged by public companies as well. Several of our larger engagements have been with medium-sized European companies who have established subsidiaries in the US. We have a particular strength with this segment, as we have a great deal of experience working inside these companies in operational roles. In these organizations, culture takes on an additional dimension of complexity, as the US branches are often involved in joint projects with their European counterparts. We have also worked with family-owned companies as well as non-profit organizations.
Our smallest client is a solo entrepreneur who started his business last year. Our largest client is a global manufacturer with $300 million in sales. Our more typical clients are between $10 million and $80 million in sales.
The nature of our work with a client has more to do with where they are in their own business development and maturity. For example, we have worked with companies in these distinct phases:

  • Young companies in need of help with structure, business model innovation or just articulating the entrepreneur’s vision for marketing and funding.
  • Mid-life companies experiencing transitions, such as owner succession, new market entrants or technological disruptions.
  • Mature organizations wrestling with bureaucracies that have developed over time and are looking for help in reducing unnecessary complexity.
Our engagements range from 5 days to 60 days but are typically 5-6 weeks of work over a period of 12-24 weeks elapsed time. We have training programs that can be delivered in 2-5 days. Clients who engage us to facilitate change management projects over a longer timeframe will usually book 1-4 days per month for 6-12 months.
Each engagement is unique, and we work with clients to develop in-house knowledge, so the organization can drive results without full-time consulting support.

Our typical engagements are a mix of:

  • Consulting, which includes a diagnostic phase (interviews with executives and staff)
  • Coaching with the upper management, to help define the training programs
  • Training, where we implement the goals of the engagement

The result is deep insight into your organization, your processes, and your people, so that we can help your company meet its objectives, whether that be revenue, cost savings, efficiencies, growth, etc.

Companies that integrate a healthy culture with aligned strategy and focused execution achieve the highest levels of organizational health. Studies have shown that these companies produce twice the earnings and m twice the sales growth of companies that have not achieved this integration.
Our primary market spans from the New York Metropolitan area up to Boston. We are happy to travel as client requirements dictate.