“Marc worked with me on developing an actionable strategy utilizing the Value Proposition Canvas and the Business Model Canvas for my business; both of which were incredibly helpful to myself and my business. He is deeply knowledgeable when it comes to strategic development and execution for business. Our in-depth conversations about company culture, and how this ties into strategic execution for businesses showed me Marc’s vast knowledge on the subject matter. I would highly recommend Marc for your business if you need help with strategic development, execution or company culture.”

Chris Down, Owner, Digital Spark

Dear Marc,

I wanted to thank you for your help in getting our Strategic Planning activities off to such a good start. As we all agreed, getting everyone on the board and the staff on the same page was a critical first step. With the number of new board members and the expanded size of the staff, it was clear not everyone had a full understanding of all the various components of the Interfaith Food Pantry, what they each entailed nor the resources they took to make each successful.

Using the Strategyzer Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design as an initial tool worked very well. Having everyone work on identifying our “customers” at first felt odd, as a non-profit organization is unused to thinking in those terms, but quickly it all made sense and frankly was a really interesting way to look at what we do. Whether we were speaking about clients, our volunteers or our donors – they each fit into the category of customers as each had expectations of us, each had needs we had to meet and each is integral to the success of program.

One of the things I most appreciated was finally being able to articulate clearly the resource investment each activity and “customer” took. People always make suggestions to us such as getting more donations from businesses, schools or houses of worship, but are not aware that these groups also have an expectation of what they wish to get out of the relationship. ROI is something we always need to keep in mind before we bring in new partners. Using Strategyzer forced us to break all this down and think through each step and was very eye opening for all and it really an excellent way to start the process.

Once we complete the current stage of assessing all our departments, I will look forward to bringing the Strategyzer tool back as we begin exploring what our next steps will be. I believe it will be very helpful in keeping us aware of what the real cost of each potential project will be, not just in terms of money, but also staff, time, equipment and facilities.

Thank you again for all your help and I look forward to working together as we move forward.

Warm Regards,
Rosemary Gilmartin, Executive Director, IFP