Good strategy alone will not determine success.

Classic strategy and tactics are unlikely to deliver any real or lasting differentiation if strategy is looked at in a vacuum. In other words, good strategy combined with a healthy culture and strong execution creates a winning combination.

Growth strategy is about purposeful innovation.

It is about building and maintaining an organization with a culture that promotes collaboration and creativity, while at the same time develops systematic processes and effective market captivation.

Our Approach

Clients who engage us to support the development of their business strategy typically fall into one of three categories:

  • A young company that has not yet documented a formal strategy.
  • An established company that has many years of success, but is considering new avenues for growth or profit. In this case, the company may or may not have a fully documented strategy.
  • A company (of any size or age) who wishes to deploy the latest tools and methods for rapid business model innovation.

The Links among Strategy, Culture and Execution

Our experience has shown us that even the greatest strategy can be resisted by a strong cultural undercurrent.

Peter Drucker is famous for saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” However, even the greatest culture is not a substitute for strategy.  Both need care and feeding.

Culture is a powerful force that can either drive change or resist it. When the culture resists change, the strategy is likely doomed, no matter how good it is, or how passionate the leadership is about making it happen. But culture is not a substitute for strategy. That is why we consider Culture, Strategy and Execution the Trifecta of business success.

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